Our History

Over four decades of manufacturing quality supplements, our team developed and implemented many of the processes and systems that are now industry standards. Today, our innovative spirit powers a fast and flexible next-generation company: Sundance Vitamins.

Our Goal

At Sundance Vitamins, we maximize retailer sales with supplements that meet rising consumer demand. Our products create success – whether you are a consumer seeking enhanced health or a retailer seeking to “be the first” with the latest supplement advancements.

Our Supplements

Every Sundance Vitamins supplement has a unique twist that imparts blockbuster potential. We identify, manufacture, and supply products that gain momentum and achieve critical mass. Sundance only introduces supplements that become valuable offerings to retailers.

Our Legacy

Sundance Vitamins is a true family company launched by three generations: Arthur, Scott, and Michael Rudolph. Each Sundance associate is part of our family, and many have worked with us for decades. More than a supplier, Sundance is a tight-knit group that has been creating innovative nutritional supplements together for over 40 years.