Our Story

Just over forty years ago, a father and son discovered that they shared the same passion for the vitamin industry and for family. They decided to combine their passions and set the ultimate goal: create high quality nutritional supplements that are affordable for every family.

Our History, Our Passion

Our History, Our Passion

It was with this goal in mind that their innovation and drive brought about the development of many processes and systems that are now considered to be industry standards. It was this same spirit of innovation that has brought you Sundance Vitamins, the trusted vitamin and nutrition source for you and your family.

Built by three generations of industry knowledge, Sundance Vitamins is the very definition of a family business. As Sundance grows, so does the family behind it. Now, the Sundance family includes a knock-out team of industry pros, each bringing invaluable experience and knowledge to turn Sundance into the high quality, superior brand that it is today.



Since the very beginning, our goal at Sundance Vitamins has been to provide families with high quality, affordable vitamins, supplements, and natural products that are made from only the finest ingredients. From the time our ingredients are harvested to the moment the finished product leaves our doors in Ronkonkoma, New York, everything we produce is monitored and tested to ensure you and your family only receive the superior quality you deserve.

As a wholesale supplier, we make it a point to only work with retailers that share our values and whose standards of ethics match our own. The health and wellness of every consumer is very important to us, so it is important that the retailers we partner with show our consumers the same dedication.



We understand that there is a rising demand for high quality products and we take pride in our ability to provide retailers and consumers with only the best. Whether it be one of our trending herbal blends or a classic multivitamin, we strive to provide the high-quality products consumers deserve, while also supplying retailers with items that garner success.

At Sundance, we use only the finest ingredients and work with only the most reliable suppliers when producing our items. This is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction and quality with every item that leaves our facilities. We believe that your health and your happiness go hand-in-hand, so you’ll quickly see that the Sundance way is the healthful way!